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20 februari, 2009

English it is then. (I hate typng without the three last letters of the Swedish alphabet [i left #hinata @ home])

My mates have long since gone to bed. I’m the only one still alive at this moment and I’m thinking about having a last smoke for the day and going to bed.
Tomrrow we’ll be visiting Guinness, Jameson, a place where we learn how to serve beer of any kind (or something like that) and Grafton Street (my hopes).
after that we’ll be continuing as we’ve been doing so far: Loads of Guinness, different whiskeys and a bit of Kilkenny and some new tastes of ales, stouts and lagers. It’s fairly interesting if I may say so.

Back to the post.
The mates are sound asleep, I’m off for a last smoke and getting some sleep after almost three hours of recaping the TPB trial. (oh how I love my reader at this moment).

At first glance it seems like it’s going fairly well for the boys.
At second glance it seems like the procecutors(spelling! [a bit tipsy]) have a bit more energy, a bit more agressiveness and a bit more life than before.
At third glance… ZzzZZzZz

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